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Meet the Producer of The Deceived Audiobook

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

One of the biggest blessings during this COVID season has been finding talented men to read and produce the audiobooks for my Once Lost series. The Deceived is now available in audio form on Amazon. The Beloved should be released shortly after the new year. I am excited to introduce you to Ethan Jones, the producer of The Deceived. If you are one of the first five people to comment on this blog, you will receive a FREE copy of the audiobook!

Hi Ethan. Thanks for being here today. Let's start with you tell us a little about yourself. What do you do when not producing audiobooks?

I am an expo/event designer by trade, specializing in graphic design and photography. Both my son and daughter, as well as me, are active in Boy Scouts and enjoy camping, hiking, and biking. I am also admittedly a bit of a coffee snob.

How funny. If you lived closer, I'd introduce you to the barista I live with. 😂

What was the most challenging part of making this audiobook? What do you feel was the most rewarding?

Well, the editing part was extremely tedious. Being a very detail-oriented person, but also dealing with lifelong ADD, this proved to be the most challenging, especially as a newcomer to the voice acting profession learning the ropes “on the job.” However, the feeling that comes as each chapter is completed is pure pride and joy knowing that my work is going to have an impact on others!

I have to say, I was surprised you were new to voice acting because your range of voices and expression when reading is so impressive.

Some themes in The Deceived include: family dynamics, religion vs. personal relationship with Jesus, and abuse of drugs/alcohol. What theme did you appreciate the most and why?

Wow. All of the subjects touched on are so important, it’s really hard to pick just one. But I would say, that as a young man who struggled with the issue of religion vs. a personal relationship with God through Jesus, and the fact that this is the best starting point of all healing and personal joy, that is the issue in this story that I appreciated the most.

What character in the story do you relate to the most and why?

That depends on which part of my life we’re looking at. As a kid, I would have definitely related to Danny, sometimes feeling like the outcast and that my efforts would never be good enough to gain the praise of my family. Today I relate more to Lyd regarding my faith, but sometimes feel like I’m falling into the thought pattern of Mr. Morton or the complacency of Mrs. Morton when dealing, or not dealing, with my own teenagers.

Who was your favorite character to perform and why?

Definitely Brett!

His simple-mindedness brings a lot of chuckles, yet it is his laid back honest simplicity and fun-loving nature that makes Brett an unforgettable character that you can't decide whether to love or hate.

Who was the most challenging? Why?

All of the female voices were challenging. This was probably because there were so many, and each had to be unique. But the most challenging of all I think were the three sisters since they had to be similar in accent and age, but also distinct and recognizable.

Ethan, I want to thank you again for all of your hard work on this project. I really appreciate not only the talent you brought to it but your heart to glorify God through it. I pray God will bless you greatly and that this audiobook will inspire generations to come.

The first five readers to comment below will receive a free The Deceived audiobook. To purchase your copy or gift a copy to someone this holiday season, visit Amazon or search for it in the store in the Audible app.

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