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THE REDEEMED coming May 2!

Last February when I published The Beloved, book two of the Once Lost series, I had great plans and hopes to release the final book in the series by fall 2020. But then there was covid. And shoulder pain. And thumb surgery for basal joint arthritis. For some reason when I scheduled the surgery, it stuck in my mind that the recovery time was six weeks. Nope, that was just how long my thumb needed to be immobile. I'm almost six months from surgery and though I have more use of my thumb, I'm still in pain.

But God's timing is perfect.

There's been editing and revising and more revising. In the past month, I have read through The Redeemed twice in preparation for publication. It is more amazing than I ever imagined it could be. Really. I say that because it truly came from God as I prayed and prayed through my pain and during my recovery that He would make it all HE wanted it to be. And so I look forward to sharing it with you on May 2. Head to my website for info about my online celebration at 4:00 pm May 2 or to receive 20% off your pre-ordered copy of The Redeemed. Also, check out my Instagram and Facebook starting on Wednesday, April 21 for our "Top Ten Life Lessons of a Prodigal" countdown. They will make you laugh and cry. But most of all, share this series and info with someone who needs to come home. Danny's story might just be what they need to believe again.

Freedom. That’s all I wanted. Freedom from baseball. Freedom from my dad. Freedom to do what I wanted.

Freedom to be me.

Instead, I found pain. Regret. Loss. Unfulfilled dreams.

No one tells you that the highway of freedom is paved with pain. Or that on your way to rock bottom you consider choices you know will destroy you, perhaps because you’ve already destroyed yourself.

Maybe what I really wanted was freedom from pain. And maybe true freedom only comes through pain.

For years I blamed God. I thought He was the problem. When they told me God loved me and would never let me go it was too hard to believe. Until it happened.


The Deceived and The Beloved are both available on audiobook! These are great for couples and families with teens to listen to together, so purchase your copy for your summer travels! The discussions you will have with your loved ones about them will be priceless. They are available on AMAZON or become an Audible member and received your first download for FREE!

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