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Short Messages

In All Things

Based on Philippians 4:6-8, Kelly shares the importance of being thankful through all situations. Using scriptural examples, and her own personal testimony of family hardships and health issues, she demonstrates how such an attitude is not only possible but blessed by the Lord.

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Waiting on the Lord for Your Spouse

Though society encourages single people to go out and find their spouse, this message pulls out the promises from God’s Word that the Lord will provide for all our needs…even our future spouse. Kelly shares her own story of trusting the Lord for her husband along with scripture that today’s youth and single adults can pray and believe. We trust the Lord with so much, why shouldn’t we trust Him for the one He is preparing for us?


Making your Dreams Come True (in the Midst of Motherhood)

Kelly shares her inspiring testimony of how God brought her to be home with her children after 12 years of teaching full time and then led her to become a published author and speaker. Not only does she share her heart, but also scripture that God desires to use all of us in unique ways for His glory.

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